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Financial Services  Contractors (FSC)
is the first and only dedicated website that is run by experienced Financial Service contractors for Financial Service contractors.

As we are independent of any outsourcing organisation or recruitment agency, we will provide you with an unbiased level of information and support.  

This website is 'The first and only dedicated website for Financial Services Contractors'.
The aim of FSC is to provide you with updates on issues relating to the financial services industry by letting you know about any trends or potential opportunities in order to enhance either your career or expand your businesses potential and its long term profitability.

As FSC is run by experienced contractors we are also in a position to provide you with an independent view on everyday issues that you may face on your contract, by answering your contracting questions.

FSC will be able to provide you with many benefits including:

FSC Contracting Opportunities

Special Offers to develop your career

Special Offers to enhance your business

Your contracting questions answered

Recommendations on how to increase your take home pay

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